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Thread: Arnold Jewell has passed on...

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    Arnold Jewell has passed on...

    Arnold Jewell passed away last Friday of kidney failure. We know him for his constant barrage of jokes at every mach he attended, he will now keep our Lord in stitches for all eternity. His trigger revolutionized the sport of benchrest and introduced the precision of the sport to riflemen and women around the world. Though many were not benchrest shooters they all had an interest in the man and sport that was now carried with prided in everyone of his or her rifles.
    We are diminished!
    That's all, Keep'em small,

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    The Best Matches

    Sorry to hear this sad news. Arnold added so much to our club matches at the Austin Rifle Club. Such good memories of my first matches in the 90's and how he livened things up. Hearing Arnold and Frank Wilson and Speedy go on and on....those were the best matches. You were laughing so hard during target changes that it was hard to start shooting the next match.
    We'll miss him....our sport will miss him.

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    Sad news Speedy

    It's been a sad few weeks with the hearing of the loss of another icon of our sport. I remember first meeting Arnold at the range in New Braunfels back in 2014 I believe. He had my sides aching from laughing at all his jokes and stories, not at all what I had envisioned as the genius behind the Jewell Triggers! Very down to earth and super friendly.

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    Another sad loss to the benchrest community. I was introduced to Arnold at the NBRSA Nats at Phoenix in 1997. Somebody told him that I was pretty good at telling Aussie jokes and so we had quite a few sessions together.
    My memory is fading a bit now but I do recall the two of us entertaining the group for some time.

    We are indeed diminished, and his memory will live on in the triggers of many BR rifles.

    Brendan Atkinson

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