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Thread: Glueing in the action

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    Glueing in the action

    I have a new stock that has already been inletted and painted by the maker for a BAT DS BR gun. The inlet is oversize by approx 60 thou all around, maybe more.

    Would I be right in thinking this needs to be bedded with a regular bedding compound before gluing in?

    If so I was thinking about using Devcon for the bedding then JB Weld for the final fix. The action will need to be scuffed, would the smooth Devcon surface also need to be scuffed before gluing?

    Many thanks guys.

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    Some will prebed, some don't. If you do, keep in mind that you don't want the final glue in material to end up paper thin. Epoxy needs a specific thickness to achieve it's 'shear' strength as specified by the maker.

    When forced to do a glue in, I pay particular attention to where I place the forward support for the barrel and how the back end of the action is supported as the epoxy cures. These steps (and some others) help to not induce any stress on the action...which is more common on glue Ins than most realize.

    Good shootin' -Al
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