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    What is a good 6PPC load using LT-30 and a 65gr. bullet?

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    I've shot LT-30 in my 6 PPC and it works well. Seems to be a bit less humidity sensitive compared to LT-32. Start around 26.5 grs and go up slowly. I capped out around 27.5 grs. It's fast for the PPC and can spike pressure in the heat. I'll have to check my notes, but as I recall my gun seemed happy at 27.2 grs.


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    Several of us have been shooting it @Camillus winter league….27.3-27.4. You should be @3400fps+.
    As Lee said in summer you may need to drop a bit, 27.5 was giving hard bolt lift.

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    Be careful

    I went to a score match preloaded with LT30 once and had to stop and go home. I developed a load that was great at 58 degrees, but by the time we got started at the range it was 75. Was blowing primers, heats up real fast. Ill just use it for fire forming until gone.
    If you want a hotter load, try about 27.5 - 27.7 of H4198. It is way less affected by heat. The one and only hall of fame point that I have was using 27.7 of H4198 with 66 grain bullets in 70 degree temps. Much more stable and predictable. Just don't go over about 27.9, it will let you know when it's too much by slowly loosening primers. And don't even consider it with 68 grain bullets. It is the favorite powder for 30 br shooters for good reason.

    Larry Feusse

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