Testing ammo at the test centers.

There has been much discussion about how best test your rifle to find the best ammo.

The centers normally recommend you send in the barreled action without a stock or scope. They are equipped to put your barreled action into a vice and do the testing.

Many shooters have rejected that idea and believe it preferrable to test the rifle as it would be shot in a match.

Let me offer this:

When you test ammo all you can hope to do is to find the best (most consistent) ammo available.

If you have bedding issues, trigger timing issues, ignition issues, or anything else wrong with your rifle no ammo is going to fix them.

If you strip down the package to its fewest parts possible and do the testing, you will actually improve your chances of finding the best ammo available.

But don't expect this new consistent ammo to fix your rifle it won't. You will still have to deal with that.

I've heard many stories about ammo that shot great at the test center but didn't shoot when you got it home. I've done this myself.

It probably has a lot to do with the limited testing we are actually doing at the test center.

Testing at the centers doesn't guarantee success, but it is your best chance of finding good ammo.

These are my thoughts, please share yours.

TKH (4628)