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Thread: How Best to Produce Bevel at Muzzle

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    Quote Originally Posted by alinwa View Post
    Are you SURE you're Kalifornian???? Bud Lite?? I'm not a beer man but I've always understood it's Coors over 2000ft and White Claw down on the bi'ches
    HAHA! That's funny, and almost true. Coors Light starts around 1800' AMSL....

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    When the kids come over its Modelo, Pacifica or something else strange to me and it costs just about double the price.
    Back when Budweiser used to sponsor our Schuetzen Regional matches. They would bring out the Beer truck for three days and it was all you could drink post your shooting and also for the spectators / visitors as well. All at no cost and that is maybe where I aquired a taste for it. Coors also did the same but for only one year and Bud did it for several. Those days are now long as now its no alcohol permitted on the grounds at all. A bit off topic but it brought back good memories when we had two run two relays / 30+ and folks would come to shoot from all over the country to shoot for those three days.
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