Picked up a used Shilen standard hunting trigger for a vintage 700 ADL 243 project I'm doing. Long story short, it was a mess....I could see why the seller removed it ( "It might need to be cleaned". ).

Disassembly showed the trigger pull weight spring to be mushroomed and jammed tight in the hole and the trigger lever was tight between the side plates. After a dunk in the ultra sonic cleaner, I still couldn't get the trigger lever to pivot cleanly on the cross pin. Under a 30X loupe, the cross pin finish looked like it had been gnawed on by some angry beavers. In went a nice stainless ground pin just long enough to put a push lock nut on each side. Problem #1 solved. Rummaged around in the box of trigger parts and came across a Holland Rifles reduced pull spring for the 700's. In that went..perfect fit.

Shilen advertises these as going to 1.5 lb on the bottom end. After the tweaks, this one can go well below 16 oz while still having a bunch of sear engagement. The side plates are nicely polished inside, the sear connector is machined steel and sharply profiled and the trigger lever is hard coated.

There's a 700 clone action headed this way for a light-ish 308W hunting rifle build, It's got a trigger hanger so it won't be a biggie to take the trigger out and adjust it from 'load testing mode' to 'hunting mode'.

For what it's worth. -Al