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Thread: 20BR Load help Question.

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    20BR Load help Question.

    Any one shooting 20 BR with Berger 55 gr bullets?I have a 7 twist lilja barrel in Remington XR 100 piller bedded in Lam stock, jewell trigger.Any ideas on Load data?Scope is leupold 8.5x25 50mm.

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    Mel take a look at Accurate Shooter.Com. There is some good load data there. I was told by a barrel company not to use any a twist rate below a 9 twist and try to shoot 55 Bergers over 3600 fps as they would come apart in flight. So I got a 9 twist barrel and never had any problems. By the way I have shot mine 20 br in a 600 yard match. It is a flat shooting cartridge. Hope this helps.

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