USBR targets can be ordered from the following:

American Target Co.
1328 South Jason
Denver, CO 80223

Minimum order 5000, call for price and delivery.

Tom Guerin
28056 179th Ave. S.E.
Kent, WA 98042

This is a service provided by Tom for USBR clubs
and others interested in joining USBR.

Standard packages, including shipping:
100 @ $25.00
200 @ $47.00
10 targets @ $6.00 (Sample package)

Also available in factory packed cartons of 500.
Call for price & delivery.

Note: Current price is based on a one time
setup charge, and is expected to decrease when
existing supply is exhausted.

USBR Club Registration:

Registration Fee: $10.00 (Runs January 1 thru December 31).  This is a yearly fee, but it will be waived for clubs that qualify as "active" during the prior year.  "Active" is defined as a club that held, and reported, at least four registered matches during a calendar year.  Registration fee should be sent to:

Kolin Vance
1346 E. Carrie Dr.
Fruit Heights, UT  84037

Information required for club registration:

Name of Club: _____________________________________

Match Director: ___________________________________

Address: __________________________________________


Phone: ____________________________________________

E-mail (if available): ____________________________

Match Dates: _______________  _______________  _______________
             _______________  _______________  _______________
             _______________  _______________  _______________
             _______________  _______________  _______________

Starting Time: _______________________________________________
Match Type(s) (Rimfire, Air, Centerfire): ____________________
Any other club info you would like to see on the web site.

Club info may be included with the registration fee, or may be sent via e-mail to Jim Warren (  If sending e-mail, please put "USBR" in the subject line.

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