1. Rimfire only. .22Cal.

2. 50 yards /50 meters-your choice

3. Benchrest w/sandbag front and rear, no vises/one piece rests. Sand bags of cloth or leather.

4. Weight of gun - Open

5. Style of stock - Open

6. Power of scope - Open, except for the Plinker class, which is limited to 9X

7. Target scoring: Break ring, next score up, X count for ties

8. Target used is the USBR 25 Bull Target w/3 sighter bulls. One shot in each of the 25 and as many as you want in the sighters

9. All targets marked by match director, no substitution. (I have had to make an exception to this rule. We have shooters overseas in Thailand and Australia that makes returning targets difficult and costly. We will accept their scoring, which can be sent by e-mail. I hope this is acceptable by all.)

10. Match dates will be such that shooters will have at least 4 week-ends to shoot their targets.

11. One non-shooting witness to sign the targets with their name, address,,telephone number, date, and location of the range on the target.

12. Several shooters may get together to shoot their targets and use the same witness. Location and date to be on all targets

13. Scores will be posted at the USBR website.

14. Plaques will be awarded on the basis of one to every five shooters in a class.

15. Classes as follows: Plinker: Not an actual target rifle. Tube magazines, pumps, levers and some clip fed rifles fall into this category. USBR rules state a rifle with a current value of $200. We don't want to see an equipment race in this class.

        Master: Scores of 240 to 250

        Expert: Scores of 230 to 239

        Sharpshooter: Scores of 220 to 229

        Marksman: Scores of 210 to 219

        Novice: Scores of 209 and lower
        Junior: 16 yrs old and younger.

16. All targets to be shot outdoors.

17. As Rick Smith said, "Final and MOST important!!!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!" Shooters may use as many rifles as they wish. Every target requires an entry fee. If you have more than one rifle you would like try on your score target it's up to you.

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