Rule Change Suggestions
to be voted on in 2001
and, if accepted, effective 2002

#1) Submitted by Leo Suhre:

Changes to II. Rimfire Division, B. 2. Sporter Class

     (In first paragraph): Unmodified factory rifles.
     Unmodified factory production rifles.

     Stock: Unmodified factory.
     Stock: Unmodified factory. 
            Convex on all bottom surfaces.
            No wider than 2 inches at any point.

     Barrel: Unmodified factory.
     Barrel: Unmodified factory.
             Must have factory name and/or logo
             stamped into the barrel.

#2) Submitted by Jim Warren:

Changes to IV. Centerfire Division

A. Course of Fire

     Currently: 15 record shots.
     Change to: 25 record shots.

     Currently: Targets placed at any multiple of 100 yards.
     Change to: Targets placed at 100 yards.

     Currently: Maximum time limit is 20 minutes.
     Change to: Maximum time limit is 30 minutes unless the match is
                being fired concurrent with Rimfire or Air Power 
                competition in which case this division will be allowed
                two 20 minute periods with a minimum of 10 minutes between
                firing periods.

B. Classifications

     Eliminate Custom Class.
     Eliminate Sporter Class.
     Add provision for Centerfire Performance Division, similar to that
         of Rimfire.

C. Records

     Eliminate all records except Unlimited.

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