Volume 5, Issue 7           September, 2001

· Match Reports


Today had manny changes in the statistic board for USBR benchrest here at Lefthanders Gun Club. Old club records were tied and new records were set. It definately was a day to remember. In the Sporter Class Rick Smith's record of 233-4x was shattered by Missouri's Ed Muff. Muff shot a 237-3x to admonish a record that I thought would be around for a long time here at our club. Good Shooting Ed!!!!!!

Then to really make things interesting the Missouri group launched an attack on the custom class but only to tie with Leo Suhre's record of 242-3x.

Once again it was Ed Muff and his sidekick Ray Brown to both tie the standing record. Competition doesn't get much better than this!!! We move on to the unlimited class and Lefthander's Tim Black tried in vain to recapture the unlimited record held by Missouri's Jerry luck of 245-4x to Tim's 244-2x. Good Shooting Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Conditions were not what you would call favorable to shoot any type of record on the range today. Well there is always October to scratch the brass plate for the year. I myself have always felt that October is usually the most favorable time to shoot at your best here at our club grounds.In the past I have found October to be almost windless for a shooter that wants to crack the 240 club. Next month could be at the least a very interesting situation. Any way I wish to thank all who attended and hope to see a good turn out for our last shoot of the year in October. Here are the match results.

Sporter Class
1.  Ed Muff             SAKO        Scope       Fiochi              237/3x
2.  Ray Brown           Sako        Scope       Federal             233/1x
3.  Rick Smith          Cooper      BSA36x      Federal             228/2x
4.  Bill Ringhousen     CZ          Scope       Ammo                223/4x
5.  Glenn Hachey        Anz.        Weaver36x   Lapua               221/2x
6.  Tim Black           Sako        Tasco36x    Lapua               220/0x
7.  Dick Miller         Sako        Nikon       Lapua               217/0x
8.  Larry Wallace       CZ          Scope       Eley                210/0x
9.  Dave Lebesch        Rem.541     Burris18x   Fed.900B            209/0x

Custom Class
1.  Ray Brown           Rem.40x     scope       Lapua               242/3x
2.  Ed Muff             Rem.40x     scope       Eley                242/2x
3.  Bill Ringhousen     CZ          scope       Ammo                238/2x
4.  Rick Smith          Anz.        BSA36x      Eley                235/2x
5.  Tim Black           Time/Shilen Leo.36x     Lapua               235/1x
6.  Glenn Hachey        Anz.        Wev.36x     Lapua               229/1x
7.  Larry Wallace       CZ          scope       Eley                217/1x
8.  Dick Miller         Turbo       Leo.36x     Lapua               211/3x

Unlimited Class
1.  Tim Black           Time/Shilen Leo.36x     Lapua               244/2x
2.  Ed Muff             Rem.40x     scope       Eley                239/4x
3.  Norman Diederich    Ultralite   Wev.36x     Lapua               237/8x
4.  Bill Ringhousen     CZ          scope       Ammo                235/2x
5.  Ray Brown           Rem.40x     scope       Lapua               235/0x
6.  Bill Budds          Anz         scope       Ammo                230/1x
7.  Rick Smith          Anz.        BSA36x      Eley                227/2x
8.  Glenn Hachey        Stolle      Wev.36x     Lapua               227/1x
9.  Larry Wallace       CZ          scope       Eley                225/0x
10. Wes Piestch         Win.52      scope       Lapua               223/0x
11. Dick Miller         Turbo       Wev.24x     Lapua               208/0x

3 Gun AGG.
1.  Ed Muff             718/10x
2.  Ray Brown           710/4x
3.  Tim Black           699/3x
4.  Bill Ringhousen     696/9x
5.  Rick  Smith         690/6x
6.  Glenn Hachey        677/4x
7.  Larry Wallace       652/1x
8.  Dick Miller         636/3x

Club Records
Sporter Ed Muff 237/3x
Custom Leo Suhre 242/3x
Unlimited Jerry Luck 245/4x

240 Club
Greg Lee            August 20,2000     Unlimited Class             240/4x
Leo Suhre           September17,2000   Custom Class                242/3x
Leo Suhre           October15,2000     Unlimited Class             241/3x
Henry Stenemeyer    October15,2000     Unlimited Class             241/5x
Jerry Luck          May 6,2001         Unlimited Class             241/2x
Keith Fagan         June 10,2001       Unlimited Class             240/1x
Tim Black           July 8,2001        Unlimited Class             240/3x
Tim Black           August 12,2001     Custom Class                242/2x
Jerry Luck          August  12,2001    Unlimited Class             245/4x
Glenn Hachey        August 12, 2001    Unlimited Class             242/2x
Butch Hongisto      August 12, 2001    Unlimited Class             240/3x
Ray Brown           September 9,2001   Custom Class                242/3x
Ed Muff             September 9, 2001  Custom Class                242/3x
Tim Black           September 9, 2001  Unlimited Class             244/2x

*All Records shot in 2000 were shot off of wood tables
*All Records shot in 2001 were shot off of concrete tables

Shooters I wish to thank you for your efforts in supporting our club and benchrest disciplines. Remember october is our last shoot for the season and probably one of your better chances to get in the 240 club or break an existing club record, I hope to see your attendance on October 14, 2001

Nostalgic Class
10.5 and above
Bill Budds 225/1x
Wes Pietsch 222/2x

Tacoma R&R

We had the pleasure of a visit from Bob Walling, and I hope he enjoyed his shooting weekend...he even shot my BB gun on Saturday.

Please note that the match scheduled for 10/21/01 has been cancelled due to a range conflict. Therefore, this will conclude our USBR activity for the year.


Name           Old Class     M-1     M-2     M-3      AVE  New Class
Dick Southwick     EX      234-3x   242-1x   241-5x   239     EX
Tom Guerin         EX      233-2x   242-5x   238-3x   237     EX
Bob Walling        UN      233-3x   236-4x   240-4x   236     EX
Claude Kammerzell  MK      223-1x   224-3x   213      220     MK
Gene Dempsey       EX      228      229-2x   202-1x   219     MK

Targets and Award Pins

Just a reminder: USBR targets and award pins are available from Tom Guerin (see address in the "Targets/Registration" section). The pins make a great award for any clubs that might be interested. They are available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

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