Volume 5, Issue 6           August, 2001

· Match Reports

Nostalgic Division
Lefthanders Gun Club, Loami, Illinois

Things were quite interesting today as we kicked off our first half of the Illinois State Championship. This was the day for the older guns from yesteryear to compete head on and that they did. We had a total of 36 guns entered in this state championship for the nostalgic class. This was quite better than I expected. Jerry Luck was our long distance man today traveling from the St. Louis , Mo. area.

In the first round today it was Jacksonville's Illinois man to sweep the iron sight division with a extremely high score of 248-6x out of a possible 250. Yes the man of the day was Dave Lebesch blazing his trail with a H&R Model 12. Round 2 in the 10.5 division bought New Berlin's Henry Stenemeyer as he squeaked by Tom Horn. Stenemeyer shot a 222-2x to Horns 222-1x. Round three in the unlimited division had St. Louis Missouri's Jerry Luck setting the pace with a 236-3x.

In the final 3 gun aggerate the man of the day, Mr. Winchester from New Berlin, Illinois was Henry Stenemeyer as he edged out Jacksonville Illinois's man of the day Greg Lee by 5 points. Shooting was very mixed today as you will see in the match results. Also today I might make a note that we had two junior shooters. Bo Brown took 4th place in the 10.5 and Ryan Horn placed 9th in the 10.5 class. Congratulations to both of you on a fine job of markmanship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iron Sights
1.  Dave Lebesch        H&R Model 12        Peep        Fed.UM1         248-6x
2.  Mike Seward         Win.52 D            Peep        Win.xpert       246-5x
3.  Greg Lee            Win.52 E            Peep        Rem. target     242-6x
4.  Leo Suhre           Win.52 B            Peep        Win.xpert       241-5x
5.  Chuck Hermes        Win.52 C            Peep        Win.xpert       240-5x
6.  Henry Stenemeyer    Win.52 B            Peep        Win.xpert       240-4x
7.  Harold Brown        BSA Martini         Peep        Fed.900B        240-3x
8.  John Robinson       Mossberg 144        Peep        Eley Target     233-4x
9.  Don Fuchs           Anz.54              Peep        Win.Mrk 4       230-5x
10. Jerry Luck          Win.52 D            Peep        Win.xpert       230-2x
11. Dave Parisotto      Mauser              Peep        Eley Match X    225-1x
12. Karl Williams       Kimber              Peep        Fed.900B        225
13. John Thurman        Kimber              Peep        Fed.900B        143-1x

10.5 class
1. Henry Stenemeyer     Win.52 B        Unertal 16x     Fed.Um1         222-2x
2. Tom Horn             Mauser          Wev.T10         Fed.900B        222-1x
3. Greg Lee             Win.52 B        Unertal 16x     Fed.UM1         214-1x
4. Bo Brown             Anz.Mark10      Tasco           Fed.711B        208-0x
5. Don Fuchs            Win.52 B        Fecker 10x      Fed.900B        204-2x
6. Jerry Luck           Anz.64          BSA             Lapua           203-0x
7. Leo Suhre            Savage mrk.10   Tasco           Fed.900B        201-0x
8. John Robinson        Savage mrk.10   Tasco           Fed.900B        198-0x
9. Ryan Horn            Mauser          Wev.T10         Fed.900B        196-1x
10.John Thurman         Anz.64          BSA             Fed.900B        192-2x

Unlimited Class
1.  Jerry Luck          Anz.54          B&L             Lapua Master    236-3x
2.  Jerry Luck          Win.52 D        Leo.36x         Lapua Master    230-6x
3.  Greg Lee            Win.52 E        Leo.36x         Fed.UM1         226-2x
4.  Greg Lee            Win.52 C        Wev.36x         Fed.UM1         226-2x
5.  Henry Stenemeyer    Win.52 C        Unertal 24x     Tennex          225-2x
6.  Leo Suhre           Win.52 C        Unertal 24x     Tennex          223-1x
7.  Jim Crow            Win.52 D        Fecker          Fed.900B        221-0x
8.  Dan Long            Rem.40x         Tasco           Fed.900B        220-1x
9.  John Robinson       Anz.54          Tasco 36x       Eley Match      217-1x
10. Rick Strunk         BSA Martini     Burris          Fed.900B        209-1x
11. Jim Crow            Win.52 A        Fecker          Fed.900B        204-1x
12. Don Fuchs           Win.52 C        Wev. 36x        Fed.900B        199-0x
13. Randy Norris        Win.52 E        Unertal         Fed.UM1         000-0x

3 Gun Aggerate
1.  Henry Stenemeyer        240-4x/222-2x/225-2x                        687-8x
2.  Greg Lee                242-6x/214-1x/226-2x                        682-9x
3.  Jerry Luck              230-2x/203-0x/236-3x                        669-5x
4.  Leo Suhre               241-5x/201-0x/223-1x                        665-6x
5.  John Robinson           233-4x/198-0x/217-1x                        648-5x
6.  Don Fuchs               230-5x/204-2x/199-0x                        633-7x

Tomorrow we will hold the sanctioned part of the state championship.

Illinois State Championship
United States Benchrest
Lefthanders Gun Club
Loami, Illinois

The weather was great today here at Lefthanders Gun Club as we kicked off our first Illinois State Championship. Attendance was the best yet in all three years I have been match director. Special thanks go to John and Dannete Thurman for scoring today, as well as Debbie Suhre for her outstanding effort in cooking chow for all the shooters yesterday. Thanks to Rick Smith and Glenn Hachey for running the paper trail today and Chuck Hermes for being our range officer for the day.Jim Agner took manny a good picture also. I would also like to thank Dick Miller, Jerry luck and Dave Lebesch for being our judges. Special thanks go to our sponsers, Lefthanders Gun Club, Leo Suhre, Keith and Barb Fagan, Patriot Seeds (Bill Gordon), Bullet Express (John and Dannete Thurman), Zanders and Eley as well as Rick Smith for contacting them,Stenemeyer Farms ( Henry, Matt,and Ferris Stenemeyer) and also a silent sponser. With out these sponsers we would not have been able to put on this match. Special recognition goes to Mike Seward, Tim Black, Art Fleming,Charlie Zachary, Greg Lee, Jay Dodd and Don Fuchs for the effort put forward to get the ball a rolling on the match and installation of the concret tables for this season. The efforts put forth by both club members and non club members made this match possible. This has been a long time dream to be able to hold a state championship in this area.

Well to put things in proper perspective those Missouri Mules put it on us again. I must also comment on guys like Jerry Luck. When that old blue Ford pulled into the driveway it was loaded for bear. Jerry bought some of his prized guns and lent them to fellow shooters who didn't have equipment to participate. This was an outstanding act of sportsmanship, I don't know of too manny shooters who would be this generous, especially with a state championship on the line. Jerry my hat is off to you. Another person I also woul like to comment on is Dick House. Poor old Dick doesn't have much luck with his equipment but never complains and always a smile. Dick House recieved our Sporstman Award today. Well here is the match results.

Sporter Class

Jerry Luck              Anz.54          Wev.36x     Lapua           228-3x
Jerry Luck              Ulta Lite       Wev.36x     Lapua           227-2x
Butch Hongisto          Sako            Wev.36x     Lapua           226-0x
Dick Miller             Sako P94        Wev.36x     Lapua           225-1x
Glen Hachey             Anz.            Wev.36x     Lapua           225-0x
Dave Lebesch            Rem.541         Burris 6x18 Federal         224-2x
Glen Hachey             Sako            Wev.36x     Lapua           220-2x
Tim Black               Sako P94        Tasco       Lapua           220-2x
Jerry Luck              Sako            Wev.36x     Lapua           220-1x
Greg Lee                Sako P94        Wev.36x     Federal         216-1x
Dick House              CZ American     BSA 32x     Eley            216-0x
Paul Kuehling           Sako P94        Leo.36x     Federal         216-0x
Rich Mills              Anz.54          Leo.36x     Lapua           213-2x
Glenn Hachey            Cooper          Wev.36x     Lapua           210-1x
Roger Kay               Anz.            Wev.36x     Lapua           210-0x
Jim Crowe               Rem.541         Tasco24x    Federal         207-0x
Don Fuchs               Win.52B         Wev.24x     Federal         205-0x
Bill Stuart             Win.52B         Tasco36x    Federal         199-1x
Keith Fagan             Rem.541         Tasco24x    Federal         199-0x
Henry Stenemeyer        Cooper          BSA36x      Lapua           195-1x
Leo Suhre               Sako            Tasco36x    Tennex          185-1x

Custom Class

Tim Black               Time/Shilen     Leo.36x     Lapua           242-2x
Keith Fagan             Hall/Shilen     Wev.36x     Lapua           235-3x
Jerry Luck              Ultra/Fac.      Wev.36x     Lapua           234-4x
Roger Kay               Hall/Shilen     Wev.36x     Lapua           232-0x
Butch Hongisto          Hall/Shilen     Wev.36x     Lapua           231-3x
Greg Lee                Win.52          Leo.36x     Federal         231-2x
Rich Mills              Turbo/Lija      Leo.36x     Lapua           231-2x
Jerry Luck              Anz.54/Fac.     Wev.36x     Lapua           229-3x
Bill Stuart             Turbo/Leija     Leo.36x     Eley            228-1x
Dick Miller             Turbo/Leija     Wev.36x     Lapua           225-5x
Don Fuchs               Turbo/Leija     Wev.36x     Lapua           225-1x
Jim Crowe               Rem.541T        Tasco24x    Federal         224-1x
Greg Lee                Rem.40x/Fac.    Wev.36x     Federal         221-2x
Paul Kuehling           Rem.40x/Fac.    Leo.36x     Federal         221-1x
Glen Hachey             Anz.54/Fac.     Wev.36x     Lapua           220-1x
Henry Stenemeyer        Turbo/Leija     Wev.36x     Lapua           220-0x
Dan Long                Win.52A         Davis20x    SK Jag          212-2x
Rex Jaronske            Ruger/Custom    Burris32x   Lapua           208-0x
Dick House              CZ  American    BSA32x      Eley            191-1x
C.L. Dunbar             Win.            Wev.4x      Remington       173-0x
Stan Crow               Win.            Wev.4x      Remington       006-0x

Unlimited Class

Jerry Luck              Rem.40x/Fac.    Wev.36x     Lapua           245-4x
Glenn Hachey            Time/Shilen     Wev.36x     Lapua           242-2x
Butch Hongisto          Hall/Shilen     Wev.36x     Lapua           240-3x
Paul Kuehling           Rem.40x/Fac.    Leo.36x     Federal         239-7x
Tim Black               Time/Shilen     Leo.36x     Lapua           237-4x
Jerry Luck              Kelby/Shilen    Wev.36x     Lapua           236-4x
Roger Kay               Rem.40x/Doug.   Leo.36x     Lapua           234-5x
Rich Mills              Rem.40x/Leija   Leo.36x     Lapua           233-1x
Butch Hongisto          Stolle/Shilen   Wev.36x     Lapua           232-1x
Henry Stenemeyer        Time/Shilen     Wev.36x     Lapua           231-3x
Bill Stuart             Turbo/Leija     Leo.36x     Tennex          231-1x
Jerry Luck              Anz.54/Fac.     Wev.36x     Lapua           230-3x
Roger Kay               Stolle/Shilen   Wev.36x     Lapua           230-2x
Rich Mills              Turbo/Leija     Leo.36x     Lapua           230-1x
Glenn Hachey            Anz.2013/Fac.   Wev.36x     Lapua           230-1x
Bill Stuart             Rem.40x/Fac.    Leo.36x     Tennex          228-3x
Art Fleming             Anz.54/Fac.     Wev.24x     Lapua           226-1x
Dick Miller             Rem.40x/Fac.    Leo.36x     Lapua           224-2x
Charlie Zachary         Anz.2013/Leija  Leo.36x     Lapua           223-3x
Keith Fagan             Anz.2007        Wev.36x     Lapua           222-1x
Don Fuchs               Win.52C         Wev.36x     Federal         217-3x
Henry Stenemeyer        Turbo/Shilen    Wev.36x     Lapua           217-0x
Greg Lee                Rem.40x/Fac.    Leo.36x     Federal         216-0x
Dan Long                Rem.40x/Fac.    Tasco36x    Federal         211-0x
Jim Crowe               Win.52A         Fecker12x   Federal         205-0x
Dick House              CZ American     BSA32x      Eley            199-1x
Jim Crowe               Win.52D         Fecker20x   Federal         199-0x

3 Gun Aggerate

Jerry Luck              228-3x/234-4x/245-4x                        707-11x
Tim Black               220-2x/242-2x/237-4x                        699-8x
Butch Hongisto          226-0x/231-3x/240-3x                        697-6x
Glenn Hachey            225-0x/220-1x/242-2x                        687-3x
Paul Kuehling           216-0x/221-1x/239-7x                        676-8x
Roger Kay               210-0x/232-0x/234-5x                        676-5x
Dick Miller             225-1x/225-5x/224-2x                        674-8x
Greg Lee                216-1x/231-2x/216-0x                        663-3x
Bill Stuart             199-1x/228-1x/231-1x                        658-3x
Keith Fagan             199-0x/235-3x/222-1x                        656-4x
Don Fuchs               205-0x/225/1x/217-3x                        647-4x
Henry Stenemeyer        195-1x/220-0x/231-3x                        646-4x
Jim Crowe               207-0x/224-1x/205-0x                        636-1x
Dick house              216-0x/191-1x/199-1x                        606-2x

Grand Aggerate (This is for the Nostalgic shot yesterday and the sanctioned 

Jerry Luck              664-1x/707/11x                              1371-12x
Greg Lee                682-9x/663-3x                               1345-12x
Henry Stenemeyer        687-8x/646-4x                               1333-12x
Don Fuchs               633-7x/647-4x                               1280-11x

New Club Record
Jerry Luck 245 4x
Remington 40x/Weaver 36x/Lapua
Unlimited Class
Sunday August 11, 2001

This breaks the previous record of 241-5x in the unlimited class shot by Henry Stenemeyer last year. It also shatters the all time high score of Leo Suhre of 242-3x shot in the custom class. Congratulations Jerry Luck!

New Inductees to the 240 Club
Jerry Luck
Remington 40x/weaver36x/Lapua
Unlimited Class
Tim Black
Custom Class
August 12,2001
Glenn Hachey
Unlimited Class
August 12,2001
Butch Hongisto
Unlimited Class
August 12,2001

Congatulations to all three of you as you have crossed oever into the elete fleet!!!!!!!!!!!

This concludes our Illinois United States Benchrest State Championship. I wish to thank each and everyone of you for your attendance and I also wish to thank all of you who made this happen. I hope the trip home was safe and you felt like it was worth your time to come.

Henry J. Stenemeyer
Match Director

USBR, Tacoma R&R, 8/19/01

                Old                            New
Name           Class  M-1    M-2    M-3   AVE Class
============== ===== =====  =====  =====  === =====
Dick Southwick  EX   238-1  238-3  241-4  239  EX
Chuck Bordman   SS   235-4  242-2  235-3  237  EX
Gene Dempsey    SS   236-2  238-5  228-1  234  EX
Bob Bowman      MK   235-2  217-0  221-2  224  SS
Tom Guerin**    UN   245-7  244-1  242-6  243  MA

** = Experimental airgun class. This was fired with an airgun at 20yds. There is currently no Performance Division, Airgun classification, but USBR encourages our competitors to experiment with new and different formats in order to determine if they would be appropriate for incorporation into our competition. These scores will not be included in the official database, but they are posted for the information of our competitors.

Albany Rifle and Pistol Club
July 1

Results from July USBR Match at Albany Rifle and Pistol Club.

Every class was won by a different shooter, which means that ANYONE can WIN at ANYTIME. Even the Agg scores were shared. I didn't have the makes of rifles/scopes/ammo, but we'll get that at the next match. Next USBR match? November 4th - 9:00am. See you there.


     Bob Springstead     213 - 0x
     Bob Walling         194 - 1x
     Del Martin          192 - 0x
     Ron Vining          166 - 1x


     Bob Walling         214 - 0x
     Ron Vining          199 - 1x
     Willis Leathers     197 - 1x
     Al M.               187 - 0x

10.5 - Custom

     Ron Vining          229 - 3x
     Del Martin          228 - 4x
     Willis Leathers     225 - 1x
     Bob Walling         220 - 1x
     Bob Springstead     216 - 0x
     Al M.               187 - 1x
     Ben Cooney          148 - 1x

13.5 Unlimited

     Del Martin          230 - 3x
     Bob Springstead     229 - 0x
     Ron Vining          225 - 1x
     Bob Walling         221 - 2x
     Willis Leathers     217 - 0x
     Ben Cooney          195 - 0x
     Al M.               134 - 0x

2-Gun Agg

     Del Martin          458 - 7x
     Ron Vining          454 - 4x
     Bob Springstead     445 - 0x
     Willis Leathers     442 - 1x
     Bob Walling         441 - 3x
     Ben Cooney          343 - 1x
     Al M.               321 - 1x

3-Gun Agg

     Bob Walling         655 - 3x
     Ron Vining          653 - 5x
     Willis Leathers     639 - 2x
     Al M.               508 - 1x

Stars and Stripes SchuetzenPark
Match of August 25, 2001

Sporter Class:
Rich McClure     214
Dick Stripes     203
Mike Rentzschke  183

Custom Class:
Dick Stripes     225  1X
Mike Rentzschke  224
Jan Stripes      217

Unlimited Class:
Mike Rentzschke  235
Rich McClure     232  1X
Tommy Mason      229  2X
Benita Mason     229
Rhonda Schennum  223
Dick Stripes     220  1X
Jan Stripes      204

Targets and Award Pins

Just a reminder: USBR targets and award pins are available from Tom Guerin (see address in the "Targets/Registration" section). The pins make a great award for any clubs that might be interested. They are available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

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