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Thread: Scheller single shot .22 LR ???

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    Scheller single shot .22 LR ???

    Mr. Jim Williams of Grayson GA has listed two Scheller RF rifles for sale for several years. Knowing Mr. Williams and the quality firearms that he has listed over the years, I am sure that they are quality items. One is a factory sporter with .700 inch barrel and the other has a Walther SS .800 inch barrel. I am having difficulty locating information about Scheller rifles. Can any give me a source to read about them? Thanks, James Mock.

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    Suhl Germany

    Jim went to Suhl ,Germany to get someone to build him a Suhl 150 copy ! He made a contract with a manufactor to duplicate the Suhl 150 and when he got about 25 of them he was badly dissapointed ,the Scheller was the Duplicate Jim got and he cancelled the remaining order ! The Scheller is no kin to the Suhl 150 ! A deal that went bad !

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