American Smallbore Shooting Association (ASSA) is pleased to announce that Kelbly’s Inc. is an official sponsor of the 2018 ASSA National Championships that will be held July 7-13 at The Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH.

Kelbly’s, based in North Lawrence, OH, is world renowned for their Atlas, Kodiak and Panda high power actions along with their gunsmithing services and precision scope rings and bases. Their products have been used by countless benchrest and Palma competitors to win major regional, national and international matches.

In addition to their on-site gunsmithing and manufacturing capabilities, Kelbly’s has extensive private ranges that extend from a 15 ft CCW range to a 200 yard benchrest range with covered firing points.

At this time, Kelbly’s is also planning to be an on-site supplier at The Cardinal Shooting Center for a portion of the ASSA smallbore prone, position and F-Class championships. Competitors, coaches and visitors can view first hand a variety Kelbly’s latest products and learn more about the services they offer.

For additional information on the 2018 ASSA Smallbore Championships and portal for on-line entry, visit our web site at:…

We look forward to our partnership with Kelbly’s and seeing you at the 2018 ASSA Smallbore Championships.

Best Regards,