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Thread: Cheap 700 adl 30'06

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMaier View Post
    where it the rest of the bbl ??
    looks like 20" or so
    It measures 22".
    Looks like a factory crown and front sight installation.

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    My wife and Me

    have 3 Remingtons...she a 722 257Roberts she got from her father, me a 308 722 I bought from a friend and a 721 06 I bought off gun broker. All are pretty accurate, just fine for 100-150 yd hunting situations. But they are completely utilitarian by design. Compared to my M70 FW and FN Mauser they are a fit and finish joke. But, they work for their intended purpose I guess. I've never bought a new Remington rifle, nor will i.

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    if you read it all. i had not bought a new rifle in close to 20 years.
    the 300 wsm was the first and it was a piece of sh!t and it was over $1000.
    i then went on to build my next rifle, and it was not till the
    adl was very cheap that i gave it a try.
    i cannot buy a 721/722 for what i paid for the adl.

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