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Thread: Dave Dohrmann

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    I have done business with Dave in the past, though I never really knew him, I could tell from the little amount of time we e-mailed back and forth, he was (As every one had mentioned.) one great guy. God Bless you Dave, and your family, It is evident you have touched many people and left a great mark, you are missed.

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    Dave Dohrmann

    I have missed Dave since he moved away from the
    Aurora Sportsmans Club in Sugar Grove IL. I had always hoped he would move back. Dave started benchrest shooting at ASC when I was Rifle/Pistol Comm Chairman. I like to think I helped him get started. He became the club benchrest champion and then the R/P Chairman and did a great job. It has dwindled off since he left.
    I hope his passing was easy (though I fear not).
    One of the problems with all this communication is though the advances in our equipment, techniques, etc spread with break neck speed, so too we are witness to the passing of many great people.

    John Millington

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    I'm having a difficult time coming to grips with this.

    For those of you that didn't know, Dave was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. By the time it was discovered, it had spread to his kidney, liver, lung, stomach and brain.

    He underwent radiation treatment for the brain tumor and that was successful. He underwent a course or two of chemo, but was unable to maintain his body weight, so he could not take any more treatments.

    Although Dave and I never met in person, we talked nearly every day on the phone for a few years. That started to change when he was diagnosed, and we spoke less and less as he got sicker. Dave said he didn't like to bring people down and I respected that, so I didn't pester him. I just hope that he didn't take my decreased calling as a sign I didn't care.

    I'll really miss Dave, his stories, and mostly his off-color humor. We are truly diminished.

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    I had only known Dave for about 3 years but we spoke often. Dave was one of the nice guys. He will be missed by a lot by his friends.

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    Wow - sad sad sad. I have been calling every other day while he was in the hospice (I spoke to him the day before he was admitted) and never got an answer until now when his landlord answered Dave's phone. I told the landlord (Bob) that I would post something to find this post of last Sunday.

    I met Dave at the SuperShoot and instantly liked him. Full of fun and a great pitchman for his products - I called him the ShamWow man. He also took a sincere interest in helping you get the RIGHT product for your shooting, not what was most profitable for him.

    A sad way to go but he left with us admiring him for being such a neat guy. He will be remembered fondly and missed greatly.


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    I have spoken with Dave many times on the phone, I spent hours with him driving the mouse, & me giving directions, while we vanquished a couple of computer viruses on his system.....

    I have gotten many products from him over the years, Super Tails, Purple Passion Bolt grease, the blue bag lubricant, the beige case cleaning compound, bag leveler, Teflon Stock tape & most recently Super Feet for my pedestal. Every one of his products did just what he described they would do, and were very reasonably priced.....

    I will miss our conversations, and I will miss Dave, even more.....

    He was a good man & did his best to help us better our sport, with his ideas & products.....

    Bye Dave, you will be remembered, for who you were, & what you did.....

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