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Thread: Harris Bi-pod: to swivel or not?

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    Fair enough. I accounted for a fair number of those furry little commie SOB's back when I lived in western Nebraska using a regular Harris bipod myself. Over the hood of a truck or off a lite-weight shooting bench in the field they worked fine. A dead 'dog is dead no matter how ya do it, no extra points for style

    For competition... I quickly got fed up with trying to adjust the leg height on the 'regular' model from position (sucks out loud compared to the notched models), and the concept of 'level' became a bit more critical. Given that the question was asked in a forum focused on competition... thats how I framed my response.


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    Was able to get some nice testing in this weekend with the bi-pod. My groups are about the same with the bipod as with the machine rest. Thanks, guys.

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    Sinclair Bipod?

    Does anybody here have any experience with the Sinlair F-Class bipod?
    Just wanted some opinions on them before i decide to spend the money on one.

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    Just allows you to take the cant out. I like the Terry Cross hardware you can them add and lock the swivel tight so you don't get torqueing when you shoot.

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    Harris Type S with Pod Locks

    I use a Harris BR S type with the notched legs that only extends about 9 or 13" and a Harris S type that extends enough you can shoot from the sitting position. The smaller notched type is shot from the prone position. They both have Pod Locks and oversize lock screws from Tanks (Brownells carry them). The oversize lock screw allows you to tighten down more on the sling stud than the standard screw. One note of caution if you decide to go with the Tank oversize screw; peen the ends of the threads down once it is installed on the bipod. I had one back out several years ago hunting whistle pigs in a PA soybean field. I have used this combo. for years varmint hunting and it really works well. I also complement the above with a wedge bag and a smaller square bag from Dog Gone Good bags. Groundhogs, crows, coyotes, etc. are not safe.

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    I use the swivel regardless of the leg style, and use a US Optics level that mounts on the rail to insure that the rifle is level for every shot. Also installed Terry Cross Pod Loc on every Harris bipod. Topped the rifles with the US Optics level that mounts on the rail.

    I do not attempt to duplicate the initial rifle position when shooting prone on loose bare dirt since after a few shots it's virtually impossible as the bipod digs into the dirt, but rather make sure that I'm level and have the same hold.

    Some will argure on technique, but technique is really an individual choice to compensate for differences in equipment and physique. All that really matters it what the target looks like at the end of a string.

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