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Thread: Rem 40-X ?

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    Bob Pease material

    Quote Originally Posted by Boyd Allen View Post
    Bob used to sell a rifle that he called the "Poor Man's PPC", Remington Varmint Specials that were converted to single shot.22PPCs. (I had been under the impression that Nelson Berger did the setback, rechamber, bolt face and extractor work.) They were bedded as single shots, with single shot loading ramps, and a wood filler epoxied in the magazine mortise, in the stock. In an old issue of Precision Shooting, Bob, or someone who had interviewed him (I forget.) wrote that he had kept track of how much accuracy improvement was achieved by each of changes from the rifles' original configuration. He reported that gluing a filler block in the stock, and bedding the action as a single shot gave the greatest increase. I found this surprising and interesting. Could it be that some of the advantage that is attributed to solid bottom actions is actually the result of greater stock stability in the bedding area?

    It was interesting reading Del's post, which added more detail to what I already knew (or thought that I knew).

    In addition to selling Benchrest related merchandise (He was a regular advertiser in PS) he also wrote, published and sold "how to" information relating to the sport. I forget the title. Does anyone have this material? I would be interested in reading a review of how it stands up, and what has changed, all these years later. I would like too see a copy.
    Yep, I have volumes I-IV of "The Bob Pease Accuracy Collection", dated 1986. Most of the material is valid except for some of the components mentioned. I live in Austin, Tx and went down to New Braunfels, Tx quite often to his shop for components. He always had a few bench rest rifles and Rem 40X's for sale. He was a very personable guy and very quick to pass his knowledge on.

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    Old post, but seems everybody knows, the 40X was only made in short action, even the 30-338 and 7 mag. 700 receivers were pulled from the line before roll stamping them and they were used as 40X. No difference in quality.
    In about 1993 I sent Bob Pease a new Remington 700 and a gunshop in his area bedded the wood and rechambered the varmint taper barrel in a tight neck 22BR. He called it the poor mans PPC. It shot pretty well, but not benchrest standard.
    In around 1994 Red Cornelison gave me a 40X single shot on right bolt and left port. I gave it to a shooter at the Crawfish Shoot. It may have been Frank Wilson. Red said only 2 were made.

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    40X rimfire

    At our local club shoot some one is shooting a left hand 40X 22 rimfire, close examination looks to be a conversion (parts of scroll removed).
    The party shooting it had to convert to left hand shooting because of accident to right eye.

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