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Thread: Bearing surface

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    central ohio. close to thunder valley gun range. (1000 yrd range)

    Bearing surface

    Should I measure each bullet's bearing surface and then sort?

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    I cull for bearing surface only. I don't bother to sort bullets by weight. The days when it was mandatory to sort by bearing surface length may be behind us, but the practice can still offer refinement. It would be hard to find two thou. variation (typical of the bullets I have acquired the last few years, custom and production alike) on a 600 or 1K target but I'm sure it's useful to cull the very few that are three or four thou. off the midpoint. Measuring also provides an additional opportunity to cull messy meplats. Good thing to do while watching westerns on Turner Classics during those long winter evenings. That's also the only time I've ever sorted primers. I don't know if that practice is productive but I doubt it hurts.


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