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Thread: FULLBORE Bullet Analysis

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    FULLBORE Bullet Analysis

    For those who shoot the 155's in F-TR:

    I've posted a new article to my website titled: 2009 FULLBORE Bullet Update

    This article provides analysis of 8 different 30 cal 155 grain bullets that are commonly (and uncommonly) used in Fullbore competition.
    The article starts by providing the tested BC's for each bullet, then goes on to analyze the effect of the different BC's on wind deflection and score for 1000 yard (US) prone and F-class targets.

    Analysis is also provided on MV and performance from service rifles, and stability requirements for this current crop of FULLBORE bullets.


    PS, Please let me know ( if you notice anything 'fishy' about the .pdf. Sometimes the font goes haywire, don't know if it's a browser problem, embedded fonts, etc. Thanks.

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    Thank you for the article Brian. Very informative and make want to test some 155gr. bullets...

    The PDF looked fine for me.

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