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Thread: Savage 12f and Nightforce BR Woes

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    To Cool the speculation on what is going on here I offer you this.

    The Rings and Bases are perfectly straight that I have from Nightforce.

    There is however a problem in my Barrel that is being corrected by Savage.

    Savage appears to be a Top Notch Company is is handling my 12F at this time.

    Thanks All

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    Your rifle action

    Quote Originally Posted by flyjets View Post
    Hi All

    1st time Poster with a problem and could use some help.

    My Savage 12F has a Night-force Bench-rest 12*42 mounted with NF Ultra lite rings and NF Bases.

    Using a Bore Collimator to align her and Laser she is way off to the Left in Windage adjustment. In reality at the Range she is off to the left of Center by 24MOA. The NF BR scope only allows 20 MOA each side of Center.

    Took the Rifle to Several Gun shops and 1 Gunsmith. Replaced the Rings no difference. Gunsmith thinks the Receiver might be drilled incorrectly.

    With the small amount the 42BR has for adjustment I can't align the Scope to the Bore.

    OK but here is the part that also gets me. All my rifles I can put a Laser in at the Muzzle and the scopes are always very close to the Laser. But not the Savage 12F when it's aligned at the Range the Laser is high and left it's got me puzzled as well as many others.

    If you can help I am all ears.

    may have ring mounting holes not drilled inline with the action center.

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    Mr. Degrande is definitely a first class gent, had dealings with him regarding my 6.5. Service from Savage even being in Canada is second to none.

    BTW flyjets is your 12 f a 6 BR or 6.5x284?

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    I went with the 6.5 * 284 Norma for 600 to 1000 yard shooting.

    Less then 600 my understanding was the 6mm was a better choice.


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    Burris Signature rings

    Quote Originally Posted by xphunter View Post
    If you have a pic base get the Signature Zee Rings and it will solve your problem.
    I'll third the vote for the Burris Signature Zee rings. For the 1" rings, Burris offers inserts with varying degrees of offset to compensate for the exact problem you are describing. I don't believe they have started doing the same for their 30mm rings, but they should.

    The other advantage to using the Burris rings with the offset inserts is the ability to keep your scope mechanically centered without resorting to using your el. or windage dials.

    Lou Baccino

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    Burris Signature

    Ditto to what Lou and everyone else said about the Burris Signature: the only kind of rings I will buy now ( for the past 6 yrs). When I mount a new scope, I'll start with the wind. & elev. adjustments centered, and basically sight-in using the off-set ring inserts. Really meant a lot with my Zeiss 6.5-20x 50mm that only has 30 moa of windage available, and as said, previously there are no ring marks on any of my scopes that are mounted with the Signatures. Too many positive results to not use them.

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