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Thread: Mr. Carroll Green

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    Mr. Carroll Green

    Just got word that Mr. Carroll Green has passed away. He was a good friend and a great Gentleman. Hall of fame shooter.

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    This, indeed, is sad news, Carrol Green was a modest man worthy of emulation. We are diminished. RG

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    Good Friend has left the Range

    Although I do not shoot competition any more, I shot Hunter Rife with Carrol for many years predominately at the old Hub City Rifle Range in Lafayette La. Carrol was the president of Hub City for more years then I can remember. He helped me get started in Benchrest in both Group and Score(Hunter Rifle). Carrol was the winner at both the first and second Hunter Rifle Nationals and is a member of the Hunter Rifle Hall of Fame. He was an excellent shade tree gunsmith and very good at bedding rifles back when they were still screwed together and good bedding was critical. He never gave up shooting and competed up to 2 years ago at the age of 92. He will be sorely missed by the old Hunter Rifle shooters.

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    Though I never had the privilege of meeting him, his name was one of the legends of Hunter Benchrest when I began shooting Hunter class. Reading his obituary, it's clear that his was a life well lived.

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