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Thread: Vintage Benchrest Rifle - McGowen 257 AI - SAKO L597 - Redfield 16X

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    Vintage Benchrest Rifle - McGowen 257 AI - SAKO L597 - Redfield 16X

    I am helping a good friend sell a few rifles out of his collection. This rifle was built in the 80's by McGowen on a SAKO L597 action. It has a very low round count and is in excellent condition. The pictures speak for themselves as it is a beautiful gun. I'm having a hard time finding a value on it so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    i think (dangerous) that the scope might have value to a vintage shooter/collector,
    the rifle is just not there.
    maybe restocked to a stalker

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    Nice looking rifle and surely must have some value for someone. Looking at what it is, caliber, weight and such I can't think of any competition class or discipline that would work. Good 257 bullets are made of unobtainium. Probably the best use would be as a prairie dog rifle, but it would need to be used sparingly and would probably need a more powerful scope. As to value, maybe a thousand for the right buyer. My opinion is worth less than what you paid for it.


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    Looks like

    A restricted class Unlimited BR rifle from the late 60's and early 70's.

    For you newer guys to BR, way back when, there were actually two classes of UNL rifles, restricted and unrestricted. Restricted rifles were required to be shot from sand bags ala Varmint classes. Unrestricted could be shot return to battery BUT the rest had to be two piece front and rear, not like what we have now

    It all pretty much died by the mid '70's, and gravitated to what we shoot now.

    Steve Kostanich

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    After all is said and done, STILL a beautiful rifle.

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