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Thread: Tumblers?

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    BULLETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by R.G. Robinett View Post
    I have used nothing but Thummler's & wide-mouth (1 gallon) "pickle jars" since I began making bullets some thirty years ago, sans any modification of the jars - just fill them 3/4 full. For some applications, I use tin coffee cans, which also, "never wear out" (well, not thus far). I all that time, I have cracked one jar - my clumsy handling caused a little too much BUMP!

    The Thumler's work almost daily, tumbling up to 24 pounds,but usually about 9#, without a single failure to operate in all that time. The new one (same model as AL & Dave have) is only about 15years old now - the OLD, most used one is a one level down grade!

    Oh, I forgot, the jars and cans simply replace the containers, which I use only for "other stuff". The only wear has been the rubber drive collars (the cans cause that) and a couple of drive-ring (belt) replacements. Nothing else (other tumbler's/vibrators) has worked as hard, or, as long as the "lowly" Thumler's Tumblers. RG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Nyhus View Post
    I used this Thumler's Tumbler model A-R-12. The barrel is a hexagon rubber with a 12 lb. capacity. Put the jackets or cores into glass jars with the lube on the inside of the jar and let the jar tumble around inside the barrel.

    Like we say here on the Northern doesn't never not work. -Al

    Lowell used an inner tube for a hand truck wheel. Pickle Jar held 3000. Kenny is prolly still using it.
    Thumblers make good stuff. I have the Model UV-10 (Stk #183) vibratory tumbler for brass. Got it in 1986. $120. Still going strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trxr View Post
    i am gathering the equipment needed to start making my own bullets and have realized a tumbler will be handy if not an essential tool.

    What tumbler do you all recommend or should i make my own?

    Im also getting the idea that most prefer to tumble in a glass jar over plastic, is there a specific reason for this and is there a prefered size for doing 500 cores or jackets at a time?

    you will find zip lock bag works best i smear half thumb nail of lanolan and neatsfoot oil to 500 sore seated jackets on inside of bag i do put another bag over for saftey

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