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Thread: We lost Gene Buckys Today!

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    It was quite a shock to me. Wife and I are recovering from the china virus and it is very tough. Prayers to Saundra.

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    I have tried several times to add something appropriate to Speedy's post announcing the passing of Gene Buckys. I have been in a state of shock and disbelief ever since. The words just would not come.

    In 1989, I began shooting in short-range group matches at the Midland Shooters Club, Midland, Texas. You could almost always depend on one tough competitor from the Houston area being there, Gene Buckys ! He was usually joined by several other terrific shooters and if you were dead set on winning that match, you had better have your act together !

    As several others have mentioned, Gene Bukys was a no-nonsense sort of guy who did not mince words. I was not surprised when he began climbing the ladder of success and ultimately became the World Champion and member of the NBRSA Hall of Fame.

    I cannot think of anything that has not already been said very well by Gene's friends that knew him better, but I must say,

    "Gene Buckys was quite a hoss!"

    Condolences and prayers to Gene's wife Saundra and family.

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