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Thread: Brass Prep Service

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    Brass Prep Service

    For those interested in a Brass Prep Service

    Preps multiple brass calibers

    ie: 22 Russian cases --Supplied by you
    Expands neck to 6mm
    Trims neck to your desired thickness
    Hydroforms case to 1st fire forming dimensions
    All this for $1.45/ case plus shipping back to you

    This saves one time for neck expansion/neck turning
    Hydroforming saves powder/primer/bullet/wear on barrel

    DJSBRS---DJS Brass Service
    Darrel Jones
    6534 Vintage Circle
    McCalla, Alabama 351111

    This is for your information
    I'M not compensated in any way!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have used DJ's service on several occasions and He always delivers a Prime product. He's GTG in my book.

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