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Thread: Transultex H still good?

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    Transultex H still good?

    Hi Gents!

    Question... I was rummaging around my shop and came across a factory sealed 5 gallon pail of Transultex H - one of my all time favorite cutting fluids for stainless. Needless to say I thought i'd stuck liquid gold!
    At any rate the tag on the pail says it was packaged in 2005. It has always been in this shop which stays room temp and it's in a dark corner. I guess I had forgotten I purchased it and it got lost in the bowels of my shop at some point.
    Any chance this stuff is still good after 15 years?
    I know I know - open it and find out. I did that once with another fluid and I still have nightmares over what I found inside.

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    We still use Trans Sultex in our shop, but Im not sore if it is H.

    I will look at the label on top of the drum Monday morning.

    I am not aware if these have a shelf life.I know we never change the cutting oil in our big Verticle Mill or our Turret Lathes, we just replenish as needed.
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    Thanks, Jackie! Much appreciated. I cracked it open. No goblins and smells normal. Fingers crossed!
    Definitely curious if your drum is as old as mine - doubtful but ya never know!

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