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Thread: Cleaning the rimfire....How much is enough ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilbur View Post
    Here's the deal. I know that some rifles shoot a bit better at some point but it seems that the owners don't know exactly when that point will occur...and even worse, when it will pass. If your rifle will not shoot competitively after cleaning and fouling then you simply have to get another barrel and hope it will. Note the word "competitively" please!
    100% correct.

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    cleaning a 22 rimfire

    Does anyone use Boretech Eliminator to clean your 22 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebs View Post
    Does anyone use Boretech Eliminator to clean your 22 ?
    It is used primarily to attack copper fouling and if not used VERY carefully, has been shown to damage barrels.
    You want a rimfire specific solvent designed to cut rimfire lube.
    Rimfire Blend or Montana rimfire solvent are both way better.
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