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Thread: Interesting project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R.G. Robinett View Post
    He's LIKING this! . . . mumbling around the shop - once in a while, a distinct, "ded cyoot pik 'd top it off" . . . comes out . RG
    Would some "...kilt'ed 'em ded 'way out yonder!" pics keep Him happy? If so, we need to make plans for another 'Dogapalooza event. Whackin' dogs with a High Wall would certainly add a bit of frontier panache to the doings.

    After the rain squall blew through this morning, I headed to the range to f-form the hard won 30 pieces of brass. Of note is that 30 pieces of brass parallels the 30 pieces of Biblical infamy...likely due to the bolt guns in my gun safe getting all snooty about my recent enchantment with this High Wall. No doubt I'll have to answer for this.

    I set up on our 50 yard line, centered the optics, bore sighted and the first one was 1" high and 1" left of center. Not a bad sign. Initial cases f-formed drama. After a few were fired, it was pretty obvious that they were pretty much going into one ever increasing hole.

    With four rounds left, I moved to the 100 yd line, gave the scope 6 clicks of elevation and fired this group. Winds were pretty gusty from the 2 o'clock. No flags, as today was just going to be f-forming day:

    I hope that on that rifle range up high, the guns former owner is smiling down. My thanks to him for letting me be a part of this guns story.

    Next up is sorting out the die situation.

    Good shootin'. -Al

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    Quote Originally Posted by al nyhus View Post
    if the showers hold off this morning, more cases will be f-formed. It's hard to say how many years this poor thing languished after being left for dead. It's good to get guns like these up and running again, if only for our own enjoyment. If it shoots honest 1/2" 3 shot groups, i'll be a happy rifle tinkerer.

    it's now tagged as the 'bfd78' project (back from the dead).

    to dry shake put in tumbler then in oven of stove on warm

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