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Thread: Sheltering in place.... insult to injury!!

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    washington.........STATE that is.

    Sheltering in place.... insult to injury!!


    it just keeps piling on,

    As if it weren't bad enough that I can't get powder and bullets, my personal life has also taken a turn....

    As I've said before, I don't eat ven'chtables. I haven't since I moved off the family farm 40yrs ago.

    Well, corn, especially corn-on-the-cob....sweet corn, drip-all-down-yer-shirt-and splatter ag'inst y'er neighbor SWEET corn not the field corn I see foisted on tourists.........but I don't think that counts...

    ohhh yeahh, Spring's coming.... fast... (pant, slobber, pant)

    But anyways, enough of this dreaming. Back to the fact, the cold hard reality of my situation.



    I'm getting low on Traeger chips now.... I just might hafta MAKE some...... hmmmmm

    Still got over a hunnerd pounds of powder and enough bullets to burn that up but,

    Traeger pellets..... THIS I did not foresee!!

    Mr Plan-Ahead FAILED!

    The horror....

    See here's what happened, kindofa' "Perfect Storm" scenario...

    There I was, things are building up to a crisis.... I done TOL' all my kids "hey! go buy up a bunch of this cheap 22 ammo cuz".... "SPRING!! and CAN-RACING!!"....and "it's cheaper than it's ever been in my lifetime!!" and "this stoopid virus thing is gonna' clear the ammo off the shelves for 6mo" etc...and you know kids. "My Lifetime" stretches so far back into another continuum that they don't even think money was same back then......"so dad, when did you redeem them stone tablae for precious metals?? huhh??" and trust dad's "predictions?".... "yeahh right, he's a wakko from another century"...

    So they din't stock up on ANYthing, not even them cheap 22 shells...

    Luckily, I did buy a few packs, maybe 15-18 bricks and a handful of them Remington buckets, but not enough to SHARE AROUND for cryin' out loud.....


    The Insult To Injury part...

    My Beloved was out teaching a class in the East about a month ago and she came back with this wild-hair diet plan called "The Carnivore Diet".....(you can look it up, it's A Thing")

    Long story short, I've been forced to eat nothing but MEAT for the last month.

    meat, meat, meat.....

    Well, and fish and eggs and cheese and such but M E A T ...... primarily. The basis if the carnivore diet is that you MUST get your fats only from animals.....

    Today it just came to a head....

    salmon for breakfast.... cheese-slathered hamburger patty and a couple brats for lunch..... and then I come up from the shop to be greeted by THIS

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And the stern warning that "we need Traeger wood, DO something..." (BTW, note the glistering moisture on the outside, these Traeger things get HOT my frien', trust me it's all juicy red might look dark but mine fell apart when I hooked it of'n the cookie sheet....hadda STACK it on my plate. And it still hung off a liddle...)


    it's hard, but here in the left we perservere

    as best we can.

    Tomorrow I might just be out in the woodpile chipping alder and maple but WE'LL GET BY!

    Luckily it's just we two and the kid....

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    Brisbane, Australia
    Hell's teeth, Al. I thought we were talking a different language until I googled Traeger.

    Nice looking weapon.

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    San Angelo, Texas (West Texas)

    This just in!

    Fort Worth, Texas

    Mayor Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth, knowing her people, has issued the following.

    Y'all stay safe, y'all stay healthy, and y'all stay home!

    She does have a way with words!

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    I've always wonder what ethel methyl bad stuff is in those pellets?

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    washington.........STATE that is.
    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    I've always wonder what ethel methyl bad stuff is in those pellets? no idea but my guess is 'none'

    I've held off for YEARS on these things. "Everybody I know" has been raving about them for the last 20yrs and Ol' Al-Bone is just too cheap....

    But my wife bought one. (to add to the pile LOL!)

    And she likes it.

    So me....... I warn't BORN dumb.... I gotta' work at it.....but I'm learning to never look a Gift Cook in the mouth...... so here i'tiz......

    As I said, "Perfect Storm" but ('burpp') I'm learning to not complain....

    Hangin' Tuff here in The PNW


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