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Thread: Rimfire BR barrel maintenance.

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    I just read a bit more about the bushing system and they recommend you place the bushing on the rod before putting your patch on the jag or in this case the brush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zanemoseley View Post
    I need to buy a bore guide for my custom Anschutz 1913, I was looking at these which utilize swappable bushings.

    So I've got both lengths of the 22 cal Pro Shot carbon rods, the shorter might work but due to the stock profile it might push me to use the long rod. The rods average about .202" but in some spots get up to .205. I also use these rods on my 6br.

    When I had a guy make me a custom bore guide for my Savage 12br in 6br he made it so tight I can't use a brush with it but if he bored it to match the .205 rods going with a .243 brush is quite a jump. Should I have the guy for the Anschutz guide bore it to .225 or larger so I can run a brush through it.

    You can see where I'm getting confused, several F class people had me thinking brushes were frowned upon and you guys sound like you brush regularly even during a match. The Anschutz bore guide like above says they typically make the opening only .002" larger than the cleaning rod.
    You don't put a brush or patch through it you slide it on the rod behind both, that's the purpose of the insert.
    The Mwerks are nice, I have a couple, the ones KSS sells IMO are better, mostly because the inserts are longer and prevent rod flex better. You want the tightest insert you can get away with so the rod does not flex in the bore.....against the neck or lands.
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    Another perfect post above. All my current actions for competition are Stiller actions, even my Sporter, so only one bore guide needed. I have a Killough bore guide and two different rods. Both rods have a different diameter. The Killough bore guide has a removable insert and they offer two insert sizes for different size rods. I have one of each for my two different rods. When setting up for a match or testing, I put the proper insert on the proper rod and THEN the accessory for that rod. One has a jag, the other a brush. The inserts stay on the rod during which ever I am doing that involves cleaning. Start the accessory into the body of the guide, slide the insert into the guide, and'er all set for that application.

    I do not use a short rod for short stroking the leade, although many do. I use the regular length jag rod and support it with my hand on the butt stock and my index finger over the top of the rod for extra support. Repeated bore scoping has shown no scratching/damage in the area of short stroking when using this method.

    There is a lot of false information when considering cleaning, or whether you clean at all, a rimfire barrel. There is also a lot of different opinions about how to do it. One thing I can say for sure, NEVER let the barrel tell you it needs cleaning by diminished results on the target. If that happens during a card in a match, you'er screwed. If it happens during testing, how good was your data before you noticed it?

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    Thanks guys, great info.

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    Good info here on cleaning, I dont think brushes used correctly are that harmful, I have often wondered if they wear the crown after a period of time.

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