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Thread: 2020 Super Shoot and COVID-19

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    2020 Super Shoot and COVID-19

    I am writing this letter to let everyone know what the current plans are for the 2020 Firearms Industry Super Shoot. At this point we are waiting till last week of April to make a decision on holding the match or canceling the match. At the end of April we will be five weeks down the road from now and will have a better understanding on how the World is dealing with COVID-19.

    Everyone’s opinion aside, this is a very serious problem for short range Benchrest shooters, whose average age is probably 70 years old. We must be concerned as this age group is of high risk to the COVID-19 virus.

    Currently we would be unable to hold this match due to Ohio’s request to not hold events of more than 50 people. Restaurants and bars are all closed to in store seating with carry out only.
    With all the flight bans from foreign countries to be possibly ending by end of April, we will be able to make a more rational decision at that point.

    What happens if match is cancelled? We will move the last Super Shoot to be held at Kelbly’s to May 25 – 28, 2021. In speaking with Wade Hull of Shilen Rifles, who will take over the Super Shoot, he is on board with the possibility of canceling the match in 2020 and Kelbly’s holding the match in May 2021.

    If the 2020 match is cancelled, obviously all foreigners’ equipment at Kelbly’s can remain and be removed after the 2021 match at Kelbly’s. For those foreign shooters who plan on continuing to come to USA for future Super Shoots in St Louis and eventually to Texas. Shilen Rifles and Kelbly’s will make sure your equipment will be stored properly and be available at St Louis or Texas when the time comes.

    At this point, this is the only decision we can make, which is to sit back and see how this virus plays out. We hope you understand and can be patient till end of April.

    Our thoughts are with everyone and we hope we can all get through these troubling times and get life back to normal.

    James A. Kelbly

    Wade Hull

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    Thank You for the Update

    A very reasoned and rational plan.

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