Sloughhouse Benchrest Shooters are back!
FYI for everyone out here on the left coast, we finally got permission to get our range (Sacramento Valley Shooting Center) up and running again.
Members and guests only initially, but we did hold our first Ir50/50 rimfire match of the year today and it was a great time!
We will be holding the first half (100 yd centerfire) of the Bob Dorton Memorial 4 Gun on the weekend of June 6&7 Sporter/LV on Sat and HV/UNL on Sunday.
July will be the 200 yard portion.
I also believe that there is a 600 yd match (NBRSA) taking place on the 24th of this month.
Check the website for details,
For IR50/50 and SR(100/200)BR contact Dan Lutke at ""
We are shooting again! i'm happy happy joy joy