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Thread: 2020 US Benchrest 25m, 50y, and 100y Nationals at NRA Whittington Center Sept 24-27

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    2020 US Benchrest 25m, 50y, and 100y Nationals at NRA Whittington Center Sept 24-27

    2020 US Benchrest 25M, 50Y, and 100Y Nationals at NRA Whittington Center September 24th -27th

    The NRA Whittington center in Raton, NM is a premier shooting destination with something for everyone. We will be using the 75 concrete benches at the covered Coors Shooting range for all 3 distances.

    I am currently going to limit registration to 75 so all contestants can be on the line at the same time. There is mandatory bench rotation of 25 benches after each card. If it appears that its necessary to have 2 relays due to increased demand, I will handle that as it comes.

    There is no qualification necessary.

    Registration cost is $275.00. You are entered in every event.

    I will maintain a list of entrants on this page as they come in.

    The big differences from last year are the inclusion of 50y and 100y events and cash prizes for Grand Aggregates.

    The events planned for the contest are as follows:


    1. Light Varmint 12fpe 22 maximum caliber. Pellets only
    2. Heavy Varmint 20 fpe 22 maximum caliber Pellets only
    3. Open Unlimited fpe 22 maximum caliber Pellets only


    1. Open
    22 Caliber maximum. Pellets only

    For 25m and 50y events.....there is no restriction regarding electronics. There will be no restriction on weight for any class. You may use any type of rest you like. None of these things make any difference in performance, so it is pointless to govern them. No electronic wind devices. No magazines...single load only.


    1. Open
    Any Pellet rifle up to .30 caliber. No weight or power restrictions. Only single reservoirs allowed with no tethering. No Slugs. You may refill at your bench. There will not be anything out of the ordinary, except the entire scope of this match will be single load only. No magazines of any type will be allowed. No electronic wind devices.

    Each event will be 3 cards.

    The WRABF World 25m target (or facsimile) will be used for all 25m events. .224” plug used

    The WRABF World 50y target (or facsimile) will be used for the 50y event. .224” plug used.

    The 100y event will be shot on targets similar to ASA specs or other typical 100y events. I will provide a PDF or Vector drawing available in the near future for use as practice.

    100y ring sizes will be as follows.

    X- .200
    10- .500
    9- 1.25
    8- 2.00
    7- 2.75
    6- 3.50
    5- 4.25
    4- 5.00

    100y scoring will be inward with a .350' plug. All typical rules will apply. I will make a complete rule set available soon.

    All match targets will be 25 shots each with one shot per bull.

    There will be a minimum of $5000.00 cash awards divided up for the top 5 shooters. This will not be an individual event award, but an award for the Grand Aggregate of the best 4 of 5 events taking place.

    The scores for each event included in the grand aggregate will be normalized to create fairness. The top score in each individual event will receive a 100...with the scores below being the respective percentage of the top. Xs are X's. A tie score will be decided by X count.

    There will be non-cash individual awards for the top 5 of each event.

    There were rumors that lodging was unavailable for the event. The on-site lodging at Whittington Center is full, however there is no shortage of room available in Raton at this time. Over 150 double queen rooms were available as of March 12th from the Best Western Plus, Holiday Inn Express, and another top choice.

    Last year we had our banquet catered by the food service at the Whittington Center and it turned out to be the best meal we had experienced for the entire time we were there.

    This year we will have catered dinner each evening supplied with entry by the Whittington Center at the Coors Benchrest building. Homemade brisket, Steaks, Fajitas and some great sides and desserts all homemade on site. It really was some great food.

    There will be a food truck available for lunches with typical fare....burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, etc.

    I'm going to set up some electronic dart boards and some cornhole for those that feel like unwinding with some fun after dinner at the Coors building. You may bring your own alcohol after the shooting is done, but please be sensible. We may have a wine/beer truck, but that is still waiting on approval.

    This is just a preliminary announcement so folks can start thinking about it and see it on the calendar.

    If you have questions...please post them here. I'm sure I'm forgetting something here, but lets get the dialog started.

    Here are the registration and payment links. Please fill Out the registration form, then use the payment link after it is completed.

    Here is a list of current registrants.

    1. Scott Seyler- Arizona
    2. Pearl Stonebraker - Oklahoma
    3. Larry Miller - Oklahoma
    4. Mike Schultz - Arkansas
    5. Claudio Flores - Chile
    6. Fred Phillips - CA
    7. Carey Hymel - Louisiana

    Mike Niksch
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    Great National Competition

    I attended the first Nationals at the Whitton Center and it was fun and spectacular. Lookout forward to this year’s event in September with the addition of 50 and 100 yard competitions.

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    I have added a registration and payment link at the bottom of the original well as a list of those currently registered.

    We have also added a dedicated page on our website that also has pics of the range and shooters from last years event.

    Look forward to seeing you, Scott!


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