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Thread: Anyone from Mid TN?

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    Anyone from Mid TN?

    Been thinking of shooting a few matches this year if I can get a rig setup. I'm trying to get a feel for what kind of matches are available. So far I've found mid TN sporting Association which is just an hour away they have large 20 person club shoots but are not currently sanctioned. 20 people seems like a large match to me coming from bullseye, we are lucky to get 6-8 people sometimes unless it's a regional or state match. I also have emails out to Oak Ridge Sporting Association and Chattanooga Rifle Club. I'm in Cookeville so kind of between all 3.

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    Mid TN
    I am on the opposite side of middle TN, but as a whole mid TN is a great place to be in the middle of a bunch of great ranges to shoot at. Especially if you are willing to travel a little ways to shoot. Other than Oak Ridge and Chattanooga which are good places to shoot ARA matches run by great people, you also have Buck creek in Somerset ky, kettlefoot in Bristol, chickenfoot in Georgia, and many others within a 4 or 5 hour drive.

    Check your PM's for my contact info.


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    Middle TN
    Tad covered it. Only one I can think of that is also close is Green River in Bowling Green.

    South of Nashville in Chapel Hill myself.

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    I live in Lebanon. My wife and I have competed at several of the area ARA meets. Currently we are competing in centerfire benchrest, UBR.

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    Tim Martin /Cookeville

    Tim Martin lives in Cookeville,Tn and has been shooting here @ Chickenfoot this Indoor ARA season ,you might be able to hook up with Tim and Make it down here ! Just South of Rome ,Georgia

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    you could also make Caldwell county ky,I don't think it would be to far!

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