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Glen, if you missed your chance to shoot at Richards, he has invited me to his next match and I would gladly let you have my spot if you want it. Now don't get me wrong I do want to shoot the match, but I've been 2 or 3 times and if I have to sit out so someone else can enjoy that night shoot I'm more than happy to let you do it. I will probably still show up just to watch and help if I can because I'm only about 2 hrs away. 300 yds at night is a real kick in the pants.

Thanks a bunch Dennis. Your offer is much appreciated. l'll see how things go this season. Slowing down a lot. 300 under lights peaked my interest.

Your response is typical of what’s made me welcome to this fun Sport. I try to pass this welcome on to new shooters who show an interest in the Sport.

Hope to see you at a match this year.