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    Save the newbies

    every new poster that shows up on this site ,by accident or by choice, is a potential Capital B Benchrest Shooter. Ive been hanging around here a long time. Found this site by referral. I asked a lot of questions and was shunned/chastised by a few intolerant regulars.

    There is/has been an on going effort to attract new members to the sport. This site provides a look inside, at a rather obscure shooting sport. Many will stop by and take a peep, out of curiosity. Some will stay a while and some will move on to other forums. A friend and I, recently met a shooter at the Rifle range that fits the profile of a new addition to the BR status quo. He was referred to this site. He may or may may not show up, but he got an invitation. He was also provided a list of reading material on the subject.

    In our good intentioned efforts to help sanitize the forum activity,we risk the possibility of "throwing the baby out with the bath water."

    I like the Sport. Been shooting for twenty years.I have witnessed some regional matches go from 2 relays,at a 20 bench club to one relay. We had 12 people show up at one registered match.
    The only way I can think of to address this change in attendance is to make an effort to introduce new shooters to the Sport. There may not be a cure for what I see happening,but at least give it a try. Every active/retired member is a recruiter.

    at one time economics was included as one of the reasons for a decline in membership. That probably is true in some circumstances.

    I know of five new shooters who I've come to know at our private club who could be described as Benchrest "yuppies". They have purchased all the necessary tools and are attending regional benchrest matches on a regular basis. At my prodding

    All I'm saying is, explore the possibility of listening to the newbies, even if they dont speak the language,when they knock at the door.

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