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Thread: Happy Groundhog Day....and I need a little help on my new rimfire benchrest rifle.

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    in my memory on the progressive twist & lead pills start slow so as to not strip the lead pill and progress to whatever depending cal & estimated muzzel velocity. never heard/ read much as to rimfire but centerfire lots there. good place to find out more would be the cast bullet assoc/ web sight and of course the the troops using the 40/60-45/100 and others in Silly -Wet ( I just like to call it that) or other long range endevors of the old school units. keep thinking BPCR but do not know if that is the right arrangement of letters. Been a long time since I was messing around in this area.

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    .....time to pick out some fancy wood!

    With the 2500X action now at Penrod's Precision it was time to think about the stock. I noticed an ad on "RIMFIRE ACCURACY" forum for custom made stocks just for the 2500X action. So I contacted Randy Owen's of Precision Woodcrafting and had a long discussion with him. He has his own wood but agreed to letting me send him a blank. So I climbed up into my attic and retrieved my very last blank of English Walnut my good friend Gary Ramberg gave me years ago when I was publishing. I had mentioned to him I wanted to do a knock-out bench rifle someday dressed in awesome English Walnut but it would need a three inch wide blank. He told me those are very hard to come by. . ... Well that blank was dated July 2002 when stored apparently the time has slipped away a little bit. I took a couple photos of the blank and sent to Randy and he said your making me very nervous! So I thought lets not do that to Randy lets start with something else and save the blank for the next time.

    So the next morning I drove over to Keim Lumber in Charm, Ohio not too far from where I live. Keim Lumber employs some of the worlds finest Amish wood craftsmen and just happens to have an exotic wood department! I always think I'll just quickly cruise through looking at all the fine wood from around the world and then I look at my watch and realize i'm an hour late for cares....This morning when I got there the sales rep remembered me form our Small Caliber News magazine and I unfortunately remembered him from kicking my butt years ago in the after work 22 rimfire competitions held inside one of there large buildings! Those Amish boys can shoot!! (A story for another time)

    I explained I was building a new rimfire benchrest rifle and was hoping to keep the weight down a little and was looking for some sharp looking cedar. They had plenty to choose from but then he suggested I take a look at some of their Brazilian Lace blanks. He said its a little heavier but look at the grain! Once he took the blank in the cutting room and applied a special solvent to really expose the grain I said lets do it!!

    So I sent plenty of Brazilian Lace down to Randy and I can tell you he has been very busy. More to follow soon!

    BTW...If you ever drive into Ohio Amish country plan to stop by Keim Lumber....well maybe you shouldn' might be late..

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    You won't be disappointed with Randy's stocks. He does awesome work and the low rider design is my very favorite. I can't wait to see pictures of your finished stock.

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