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Thread: 2020 Super Shoot Registration

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    2020 Super Shoot Registration


    With Labor Day coming and going and only the NBRSA Nationals left as big matches on the Short Range BR schedule for 2019, it time to think of 2020 matches and getting hotels and camping spot scheduled.

    We are experiencing a larger than normal registration for the last Firearms Industry Super Shoot at Kelbly's Rifle Range. Over 50% of entries have been from shooters outside the USA. We are expecting a large turnout over the past several years. If you are wanting a early relay, I would suggest sending in form and fees soon. Early entry does not guarantee early relay depending on rotation request. Of course foreign shooters can pay when they arrive to avoid the problems of transferring money. Many shooters that have not been here or have not been here for a number of years have expressed interest in shooting Kelbly's last Super Shoot.

    Those of you shooters that have campers and have had reserved spots, we need to know as soon as you know if you will be attending the 2020 Super Shoot by March 1, 2020 to get your spot. With the crowd we are expecting, all the reserved spots are expected to be used. Those of you that are camping in first come first served camping areas, this is as it states, you can bring your camper no sooner than May 1 2020 if not staying on site till match begins.

    To our foreign shooters that have shooting equipment stored at Kelbly's, we expect all equipment to be off site by January 2021. This allows time for you to get your equipment shipped overseas or off to future site of Super Shoot if you are continuing to come to USA after 2020 Super Shoot. I am hoping you will continue to support Super Shoot once it leaves Kelbly's. Of course we can discuss arrangements individually to make sure all is taken care of. Also if you know shooters who have equipment here at Kelbly's and have not been to Super Shoot in a number of years, please let them know they must get their equipment by January 2021. Any equipment left here after January 2021 will be sold and considered storage fees. If you would like to discuss possible shipping needs, please email me at One solution if you have equipment here and do not want to send back home, I suggest making a for sale flyer to be posted at Super Shoot with items to be picked up at end of 2020 Super Shoot.

    It has been a long run since we started hosting the Firearms Industry Super Shoot in 1976 and we want to thank everyone for your support over the years. We want to make the transition to a new venue being run by Wade Hull of Shilen Rifles as smooth as possible. I expect that Wade will do a outstanding job and fresh new management should give Super Shoot new life. I will remain as consultant to Wade for several years, but after 2020 Super Shoot, it will be Wade as Managing Director of the Super Shoot.

    Best Regards

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