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Thread: The 3 dimensionality of wind shows how young we are in the progress of measuring it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Cross View Post
    I am pretty sure someone made what they called upie downie flags. Read about them on this site somewhere. I guess the idea never took off. No pun intended. May be now they will.
    They are quite effective when the circumstances dictate. Ray Hill makes a nice set. Should they begin to bob up and down, shoot at your own peril.
    As part of a good overall flag set they were part of two national championships with world records and a pretty good number of big match wins in rimfire BR.

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    Graham Wind Flags

    Yes Graham Wind Flags makes them.
    We are in the process of making a run of them.
    Cost will be $85 per flag plus shipping.

    You can reach us at

    Thank you
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    For Airgun..but the concept may be similar

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    As I aged

    it became more and more difficult for me to see all the indicators and then process what they were saying, if in fact I could ever tell. I wasn't blessed with being able to see the flags and the target through the scope at the same time so that has been an issue. I asked an eye doctor if that could be learned and he said if I had started when I was a kid, maybe!

    I often wonder is less is more. Some real good shooters I have seen over the years do exceptionally well with two or three flags @ 100 and 4 @ 200.
    The current best 6 power shooter in the east uses three simple flags @ 100 and 4 @ 200 and one probe I think. Another lad use to use two flags with a probe and shoot it up. Lately the best Rimfire shooter here in town uses two small flags at 50.

    It helps to practice and experiment. For me now, 6 flags @ 200 or 300 is more than I can process. I either can watch about half and the two probes or all the flags and no probes. Didn't help getting my head bashed in an accident in 1980, I'm sure nor did it help not shooting CF for 6 years.

    I am well aware of the vertical component. When one feels the wind hit their neck they better wait or hold waaaaay down!


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    The only solution that I can think of for wind would be fully automatic, belt fed fire!
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