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Thread: Phx 5 shot weekend report

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    Phx 5 shot weekend report

    The weather - thur. and fri for practice we had periods of light rain and some light wind with temps in the low 50’s. For most of us it wasn’t a pleasant environment to practice shooting small groups with our rail guns. The rain stoped about noon on Friday and the wind was variable. Conditions good enough to fireform and try some load development.

    Saturday started off lows temps 50’s and light/variable winds. Lester Bruno blew away the competition with a .1014 agg. (submitted for NBRSA Record Consideration)He had an even .1000 after 4 targets and needed nice zero to go into the zero’s for a zero agg. His last target was a .107 rally nice but not quite there. He also had small group for the agg with a .047.
    2nd Tony Debacco (local High School Senior) .1534
    3rd Justin Young .1640
    Of note – Lou Murdica had 4 of his Grand kids shooting with us; each with their own Rail and each loading their own ammo. In match 3 Isabella Gonzalez (Lou’s grand daughter) won the match with a .065 and Rafael Murdica (a grand son) shot a .077. It’s fun to watch the smaller of the grand kids after they’re finished reloading for the next match; to ride their hoverboards or run around throwing ice cubes at each other. No pressure in trying to shoot small groups there!

    The afternoon’s 100 yard agg was won by Lester Bruno with a .1288, again beating us pretty good. He was a little sloppy with his first 3 targets but finished with .063 and a .068.
    2nd Gary Ocock .1502
    3rd Duke Rovarino .1598
    We had 36 shooters with 14 shooters in the one’s in the am. agg and 15 shooters in the one’s for the afternoon.
    Of note - If you take the small groups for the agg and use them for an agg; in the morning we had a .0710 and in the afternoon a .0866. It was a good day at the Ben Avery range.

    Sunday we shoot the 200 yard stages. Shooting conditions were the same as Sat.; light to variable winds and cold in the am and warming up to low 6o’s in the afternoon.
    Lester continued his wining ways shooting a really nice .1383, that included a .097 (200 yards).
    2nd Tony Debacco .1513
    3rd Mike Sosenko .1524
    We had 11 shooters shooting one agg’s with Jack Childers shooting small group a .092 (submitted for World record consideration).

    The afternoon agg was won by Grandpa Lou Murdica shooting steady with a .1712.
    2nd Phil Peterson .1813
    3rd Gary Ocock .1849
    We had 6 shooters shooting in the one’s for the yardage.

    #1 Grand Agg. Sat. am and Sun. pm
    1st Lester Bruno .1484
    2nd Lou Murdica .1720
    3rd Mike Sosenko .1807

    #2 Grand Agg Sat pm and Sun am
    1st Lester Bruno .1336 (submitted for Record)
    2nd Gary Ocock .1564
    3rd Duke Rovarino .1597

    2 GUN
    1st Lester Bruno .1409
    2nd Gary Ocock .1720
    3rd James Coulter .1735

    AZ-California Combined 4 Grands
    1st Gary Ocock .1820
    2nd Duke Rovarino .1962
    3rd Joe Stanovich .2024
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    Thanks Gary. And nice shooting.

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    Yes, thanks for the report!

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    Thank you was a fantastic weekend for me and the 4 grand kids.its one we will talk about for a long time.

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    Now what would have been funny is seeing some of the old guys like Mr. Joe Stanovich (AKA Mikey Spillane) riflding on one of those hover boards.
    I would have paid good $$$ to see that


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