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These units were designed in 1996 and the first of their kind to utilize magnets. The original being machined of Walnut, Cherry, and Birch. They were lovely, laborious, and expensive. Too much so for most shooters. Additionally, during the machining process, one could count on at times, chipping of the material, which would find it's way into the scrap bin. The wood units have since been retired in favor of high density polyethylene (HDPE).

The new Cartridge Cases as shown here have been a fine success at one third the price combined with exceptional durability. The front holes being separated for "record rounds". Holes are bored with a minimum of clearance, and up to the shoulder. 

Additionally, there has been a smaller hole bored through the bottom large enough to allow a dropped primer to find its way out, along with any other debris. Receptacle cover is deep enough to accept all the cases you would fire in a match. Intentionally tight Stainless hinge and screws.

The Magnets are extremely strong and still the orginal design we introduced since the beginning. They are most attractive with the addition of Nickel plating. Strong enough to warrant "finger grooves" to assist in opening.

$65 for standard PPC (25 round)

$70 for BR & Dasher (25 round)

$75 for .308 Palma

All orders shipped via USPS.