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Wind Flags
Hood Wind Flag
Hood Wind Flag Disassembled
Hood Wind Flag Disassembled


Dual vane design shows the slightest change in wind direction. These flags are easily disassembled for transport without damage to the vanes.

Metal parts are constructed of aluminum with exception of the cast lead counterbalance. The vane material is Coroplast® and are colored DayGlo orange and green with striped inner surfaces. The stripes aid in defining the wind direction.

Flags may be ordered in either the daisy spinner or the counter weight model - or both.  Conversion is quick and simple by changing an attachment rod.


  • Approximate length - 15 inches
  • Vane height - 7 inches
  • Vane length - 9 inches
  • Pivot hole - Optional 1/4 or 3/16 inch diameter

Pricing each (does not include shipping):

  • Wind flag with Daisy - $27.50
  • Wind flag with weight - $25.00
  • Daisy conversion - $5.50
  • Weight conversion - $3.50
  • Replacement vane - $3.50
  • Tails with ball bearing swivels - $2.50

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