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Precision Bullets, Hand Swaged for Serious Competitors

Over the past several seasons, BIB bullets have earned the respect of serious competitors in Registered BR competition - we consider it an honor and a privilege to have top competitors trust BIB bullets - a few folks who trusted our bullets during our brief existence:

  • Frank McKee - IBS and World Record Hunter Class 100/200 yard Grand Agg: 500-30X  (112Gr. BIB)

  • Frank Mckee - IBS Record 100 yd HBR Agg : 250-22X!(112 Gr. BIB)

  • Gary Long- IBS World Record: 100; 200; 300 Grand Agg. Hunter Class (127Gr.BIB)

  • Brian Miller - Y2K Wisconsin State Hunter Rifle Champion!   (125Gr. BIB)

  • Mel Klassi - Y2K South Dakota State Champion (125 Gr. BIB)

  • The ballistic idiot (R.G.Robinett) - Y2K NBRSA National Hunter Rifle 200 Yd. and Grand Agg. Champion (118Gr. BIB)

  • LeRoy Nethercott - Y2K NBRSA 300 Yd Champion( 136 Gr. BIB)

  • Jerry Roemen - Y2K IBS Iowa State HUnter rifle 100/200 and Grand Agg Champion - (BIB 134 GR.)

  • Jim Goody - Y2K IBS Varmint for Score National Champion (125Gr. BIB)

  • Roland Potter - Y2K IBS 100 Yard National HBR Champion (134Gr. BIB)

  • Dale Madeira - Y2K IBS 200 Yd. and Grand Agg National HBR Champion (125Gr. BIB)
  • Jim Goody,Y2K Maine State Varmint for Score Champion (BIB 125).

  • Jim Goody, Y2K IBS SCORE SHOOTER of the YEAR (BIB 125).

Gentlemen, thank you for trusting the Ballistic Idiot to hand swage your Bullets.

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