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The commitment to make the best possible bullets is not only our mission, but also our achievement; we will not compromise in our continuing effort to make the very finest HAND swaged match bullets possible. At the end of this message, you will see what people have achieved with BIB bullets during our brief existence - while we cannot take credit for great shooting, we are proud that  "Top Gun" competitors continue to trust our bullets to perform at the highest level of competition. We are extremely fortunate and honored to have the best of the best continue to use BIB bullets - our commitment is to make every HAND swaged BIB bullet the same exacting standard.

 The Hand swaging of benchrest quality bullets requires time  - as we have learned, a very precious commodity. In the past, we have been overly optimistic regarding our ability to produce bullets; I have let people down  - a condition that I regret. However, since I personally seat EVERY core and point EVERY bullet, it is impossible to "turn up the speed" - realistically, there are limits on the quantity of precision Hand swaged bullet I can make.

Sharing a common "problem" with others who make quality products for the Benchrest market, demand for BIB bullets has grown to the point where nearly every bullet we make is to fill a standing order - this makes it very difficult to have bullets available for immediate shipment (especially thirty caliber, for which many weights are offered). As a rule, we can ship .22 cal and 6mm bullets within three weeks of receipt of your order; we make only one nominal weight for each of these calibers, thus set-up is not an issue. Delivery of thirty caliber bullets is subject to where we are in the weight/jacket length cycle . . . and may require several months lead-time. While this IS regrettable, it is reality - the best IS worth waiting for - the records speak to that. Please plan accordingly. We will make nothing but the very best.

For the past two years, my wife, Donna, has squirted all of our 6mm bullet cores and many of the .30 Cal. cores - she is simply flawless and without her help, well, I'd be in deep Dooo.  While we attempt to maintain our nominal bullet weights, the availability of jackets does not always accommodate making "exactly" the nominal weight - therefore, a given "lot" of BIB bullets will generally be within +/- 0.2 grains of the nominal weight(ie.; 67.7 Grain 6mm  bullets will usually have an average weight of between 67.5 and 67.9 grains). Within a given "lot", the [extreme] weight variation is usually 0.3 grain or less, with the vast majority of a "lot" falling within +/- 0.1 grain.  Since there are sometimes delays in the receipt of jackets, we will continue squirting cores based upon the long term average jacket weight - we simply cannot afford to sit idle waiting for jackets to show up. While the "normal" variation in weight between jacket "lots" is roughly +/- 0.2 grain, it has been as much a 0.5 grain.  In our experience, it is of no consequence whether the average weight is, say, 67.7 grains, or, 67.2 grains - it is consistency within that "lot" that counts.  As this is written, there have been unexpected delays involving J4 jackets - while we try to maintain a larger than practical jacket inventory, we believe that unpredictable disruptions of production/delivery of J4 jackets warrants our policy of squirting cores base upon the long haul average jacket weight. In short, this policy facilitates the most timely production schedule possible.

While the bulk of BIB bullets are .30 caliber, our .22 and 6mm bullets are one of the best kept secrets in BR - they are all 100% HAND swaged to the same exacting standards are our popular .30 caliber HBR bullets. Typically, BR quality bullets are sold by the thousand (1,000).  We are frequently asked to provide "small/sample" orders - this has become difficult, as it requires either "robbing" someone of a full 1,000 , or, hoping that there will be enough "extra" bullets at the end of a given  production lot . . . and particularly for a specific .30 caliber weight this can require a good deal of time. Then, once it is discovered that the samples "shoot", people are further disappointed that it may be [several] months B4 another "run" of that specific weight. Please order enough bullets to get you through the season. Whether you purchase BIB bullets, or, those of a friendly competitor, it is ALWAYS best to order at least 1,000 bullets of the weight you desire; you'll have enough for serious testing and once your load is developed, you'll also be set for many events. Keep in mind, ALL BR bullets are superior to production match bullets.

Our growth, largely via word of mouth, has been phenomenal and I have made a few regrettable organizational mistakes - we are striving to become more organized - more business like in our record keeping - while maintaining the personal service that our customers and friends expect.  Custom bullet making has introduced me to many fine people - to those who have forgiven me of my "growing pain" sins (like running on a faulty memory) and supported the growth BIB bullet, thank you. Our commitment is to continue providing the very best HAND swaged benchrest quality match bullets while offering improved service.

No custom bullet maker can supply hand made bullets for everyone. Our focus is making bullets for serious benchrest competitors and experimenters who desire only the very best HAND swaged bullets - with BIB bullets, that is EXACTLY what you can expect. Keep 'em on the X!  Respectfully, R.G.Robinett

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